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Daukas.com is optimized for use with the latest browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, gnome & KDE desktops, etc.). The navigation areas are to the left of the main page, with a few links along the top of the page.

You should be able to get to the home page of Daukas.com from any page by clicking on the "home" link at the top left of the page. Many of the pages are password protected, so if you are having trouble with one or more links, check to see if you need a password.

How do I get a username & password?   You will have to speak with me, either in person (necessary for students) or via email. It is worth noting that having a username & password to one section of the site does not necessarily give you access to the whole of it.

I hope you enjoy yourself while visiting and that you find this site useful!
Please let me know if you find errors or other problems with the site.
      -- Stephen C. Daukas, January, 2004